Street level days, strippers and the DMV

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Of course when you’re writing a screenplay you only got about 25 to make one with – if you’re lucky. It’s like writing poetry, except you don’t get to explain what it’s about to a bunch of funky intellectual lesbians in a coffeeshop before you read it. It’s gotta make sense on it’s own. But it takes a long, long time per word, if you get what I mean?

So time is pretty precious. And standing in DMV queues sucks, specially when at the end of it all, some officious prick tells you what you know not to be true – that you can get a social security number, and that you can’t have a driver’s license without one. This guy isn’t a huge intellectual star – he’s still stuck behind the written test counter at 48 years old after all, getting his kicks by grading written tests – he particularly seemed to enjoy failing people. But he won’t let you finish your sentence or show him the part in the f-1 where it says you can’t work legally off-campus. And he has all the power.

I have no idea why this poor fire hydrant is so sad. But what the hell, it was company for a while at least.

And then I had to walk home from Santa Ana – about 6 miles – when my car needed to overnight at the hospital in order to pass it’s SMOG test. I did try to take a bus but managed to take it in the wrong direction. The driver wouldn’t tell me where it went for some reason and I got unlucky. Need to get my head around this North South East West thing sometime soon.

But I guess I’ve got to tell myself I might need whatever I learned today, some time. I always wondered whether that conversation I had with the stripper in the toilets of a club called CLUB 68  (I kid you not) in Durban in 1995 –  about whether or not her tampon was visible when she opened her legs – would ever come in useful. And the good news? It’s about to.

One thing I can tell you about the guy at DMV: His brain wasn’t showing when he opened his mouth.

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2 Responses to “Street level days, strippers and the DMV”

  1. The Burg Says:

    im guessing he’s sad because the dogs from the ‘hood keep peeing on him…i know that would make me sad…

    (yes im back)

  2. jeanbarker Says:

    Welcome back. Yeah, being peed on does suck. I imagine. Although I once saw a German movie in which people seemed to be enjoying it a lot… not the movie, just the DVD cover.

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