The Road to Hollywood Greatness is Paved with… post-it notes

I’m writing a screenplay themed “hell is other people” (thanks Jean-Paul Satre, you knew your shit) and having an awesome time doing it. I can’t tell you what it’s about yet because well, fuck me if I know at this stage. But I have that amazing feeling that there’s Something There.

Terrible, terrible things are happening in this story so far. I decided to set it in the 90s.

Got these hardcovers second-hand at my favourite book store - Bookman on Tustin. Other reference material includes Wiki, of course, and well, Jesus Camp - the doccie.

Tomorrow, I write the first 30 pages in rough. Right now, I’m going to hang with a friend. Cause not all other people are hell. In fact, Satre didn’t mean it that way at all. Read Huis Clos if you don’t believe me.

No idea is new, but we can’t stop telling our stories anyway. I, for one, have no control over it.


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