Try me, I’m new! What’s next? Chocolate chip cookies?

Nothing would surprise me now. I am saying that to tempt fate. I hope you’re tempted, Fate… wouldn’t be the first time I won the the battle with you and found my life standing on its head without warning one morning!

A sign at Paul's Cocktails says TRY ME I'M NEW. Inspirational stuff - and it would also make a great T-Shirt.

SO it’s a new year, and I’m a little behind on my new start. I decided to make 2011 The Year of the New and theme it Wholesome.

I’m not sure why. Maybe the American red-brick mentality is getting to me. I did sit for 20 minutes yesterday at a baseball field watching the boys from the Lutheran Baseball team watering the pitch before their Friday game, feeling a sense of peace wash over me as families arrived with picnic baskets and cameras to support them, and the sun sank, making California magic. American Beauty is terribly seductive.

Or maybe it’s just that being a badass is kinda old hat. I am already the girl who can beat a guy at pool; who will give you the milk without making you buy the cow; who doesn’t believe in God; who believes it’s better to live hard and risk death than to live life in a bubble and who would rather lose your love than lie.

So here’s what’s new this new year in this new country…

1. New food I used to cook, a lot. I’d take a day and just cook. Then for various really sad reasons, I stopped, and only ever cooked one thing: Roast Chicken. I just didn’t want to try anymore. Today I made Babootje. I even allowed myself to take the recipe from a woman’s website.

2. New rules for boys I’ve historically refused to “date”. I didn’t want to seem to be bargaining, like a whore for love instead of money. “If you date me for a while and fall for me then maybe I’ll shag you” seemed just as cheap as asking for $300. I also thought not waiting was a great way to eliminate the losers who look down on you cause you sleep with men as soon as you want to. And then, I was also concerned that if I dated people I’d never get laid, because most men are so annoying I wouldn’t really want to sleep with them once I got to know them. That was my logic. No more! In my new life, I’m going apple pie on love’s ass. In other words: time to start taking it slower. My apologies to all those who missed out.

Another photo of me breaking the law. Better quality than the usual CCTV footage.

3. New places New York, and maybe New Orleans. But also new places around where I live. I’ve found the hike in Irvine, and the run along the creek here in Orange and I’m on the lookout for more open spaces to explore.

4.  New food …or just new ways of consuming it. I may have mentioned this before, but it’s important. I’m cutting out eating out – to save money and be healthier and avoid chowing all these tortured animals that keep the fast food market so cheap – so I need to cook at home. Today babootje, tomorrow, possibly, vegetarian babootje. I will also no longer allow myself to stock crackers, as that leads to simply eating cheese for every meal.

5.  New skills And this could include reviving old ones. I got my mom to bring my flute with her when she visited. So starting to play that again tomorrow. And I bought an HD DSLR, and plan to spend the week before school working my way through the manual and making a movie to prove I did. Well, as well as writing the first act of a feature and starting out some new projects with directors/cines I’m interested in working with.

I’m feeling excited about the future. And why not? It’s bright, and so am I, dammit.


One Response to “Try me, I’m new! What’s next? Chocolate chip cookies?”

  1. Birgit Says:

    Hey!Hey! What do you know…5 star approval.

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