Flicking past the windows

I love train travel for the moments, crystalised forever like a fly in resin, that are left behind in your mind as you speed past. You can never tell which ones will stay, and which your brain will let go. The brain’s random lucky packet creator chooses the strangest things – not the same ones I consciously photographed here.

Burbank... early on in the trip. You can see it's Burbank because of the white "B" on the hillside. I think they're still saving up for the rest of the letters.

A town where we weren

Snow. Very exciting for me. Somewhere in Oregan. I've never seen so much snow before. I'm hoping it'll snow in Seattle tomorrow, but it appears I drive snow away wherever I go. I'm surprised airports aren't beating down my door, begging me to work my magic for them.

My mom in a rare waking moment. After four days sleeping on an airport floor she was pretty ready for bed.

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