Christmas lights up behind the Orange Curtain, California

After all, My mom did arrive. My house feels different. Facebook is quiet. We’re going to Seattle in the morning. So since we’ll be on a train all of Christmas, we had a kind of Christmas dinner tonight at an Italian place near my apartment. I drank some Chianti out of a half litre caraffe. The food was average and over priced but the vibe was awesome.

Wine is cheaper than therapy, says the sign by the bar.

All I want for Christmas. And I got it.

Some of my friends made me these amazing hand made cards. My friend Rosie’s son Sam even made me a special flower. I think it’s the best flower a boy’s ever given me. And the first in a while, too.

Nice red petals to mtach the pimple on my forehead.

People go mad decorating here.

On a random lawn in Orange. Almost every house is covered in sparkling stars, weird Santa Clauses, reindeer and nativity scenes. It's kinda awesome.

Don't hold yourself back

Joy to the world. Or Edison Electrical Company in any case. So pretty.


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2 Responses to “Christmas lights up behind the Orange Curtain, California”

  1. Shannon Says:

    So glad your mom made it! I narrowly avoided the same fate but Amsterdam was having far fewer problems than London. And coming home to the over-the-top decorations is one of my favorite parts of being home for Christmas. We get in the car at night and get hot chocolate and drive around different neighborhoods looking at their lights. Most people I know do that–going to look at lights is bona fide seasonal entertainment.

  2. jeanbarker Says:

    Thanks. I am enjoying seeing the fleeting glimpses of other Christmas lights from the train.

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