Up in the Air on Groundhog Day in the UK and the USA

Some things never change. Like my old company has blocked my blog! I mean, this little thing? An old friend – like in the Paul Simon song sense – sent me this screen cap. They have the best medical aid in South Africa, but otherwise, they kinda suck. Yes, Naspers, you suck, and not in the way you’re thinking.

I hate to think what perverted computer calculation involving my mother, my father, a video and college led to this new stain on my record. There's a reason I nicknamed the server admin office "Mordor". I know, I know, making friends wherever I go...

My mother, by contrast is so rock ‘n roll. She hasn’t slept more than two hours in a row since Friday morning. When I phoned her via skype, she was still at Heathrow, in another queue. She told me this hilarious story about waking up the guy from India who was sleeping on the floor of the airport next to her when she had this crazy nightmare. Apparently he listened to her story and said: “We’re going to have to do more sleeping.” She was laughing and laughing.

Meanwhile, back home in Rainy California, my life becomes more and more like Groundhog Day. Every morning I wake up to new text messages from my jet-sitting (see what I did there?) mom, saying that it’s snow and disappointment where she is, and which flight she missed. Last night she nearly got on a flight to San Fran, then another to San Fran. Then another to Chicago.

When I called her, no answer. She texted again to say she was now “with some new friends in an airport rescue centre.” I googled the “heathrow airport rescue centre”. There is one, but… it’s for animals. I can’t help picturing her surrounded by slightly miffed cats, puzzled horses and smelly dogs, all kinda mangy and bedraggled, like she must be by now after so many days in the airport lounges, too.


One Response to “Up in the Air on Groundhog Day in the UK and the USA”

  1. kyknoord Says:

    *snort* It’s probably jealousy. My IT manager systematically blocks all blogs that get more traffic than his.

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