A very funny restaurant naming #fail

Ah, finals week. The more stressed I get, the more vulnerable I am to sillyiness. I find myself surfing sites like Texts from Last Night and People of Wallmart. I click on every youtube link a facebook friend posts. I reply to discussions that I should really stay out of, exposing my ignorance of American culture. What’s next – enjoying Christmas music? Let’s hope I don’t lose it that completely…

Anyhow, this perfectly suited my mood. Posted by @orangecountygal, someone I follow on twitter, but have never met. Add her if you haven’t already.

What were they thinking? It's in Garden Grove. One of the hilarious results of non-english speakers trying to sound American, I'm guessing. Or someone with the same kind of sense of humour that led to a South African book chain being named CUM Bookstores. Christian Something, Something. But I can never remember! And neither could you.

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3 Responses to “A very funny restaurant naming #fail”

  1. joeh Says:

    The restaurant is actually named after the owner. Opening beginning to middle of Feb. come check it out. Thanks for the comments

  2. nazo Says:

    Actually looked at the menu. Very clever!! Nice lil gimmick. Shouldn’t be so quick to show your ignorance like most stupid Orange County Girls!!! Maybe you should get hobby like getting laid. It’s just the name on a sign. Just to make sure, I stopped and knocked on the door. The very funny and very American guys in side speak perfect English. It amazes me how people can have so little going on in their own lives that they would critique someone else’s. GET LAID DUMBASS!@!

  3. jeanbarker Says:

    wow, Nazo, you came off really well there…

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