So I spend a lot of time trying to explain South African. What, for example, does “Eish” mean. I tried this at a party the other night: “So if you get home from work and your house has burned down or just vanished, you say “Eish”. Or if you can’t figure out how much to tip to make the tip exactly 15%…” Blank looks. Americans would probably also struggle to understand the Cape Flats’ custom (less popular than it once was, but not gone) of removing ones front teeth. (Well, most of them. The wisdom teeth usually get to stay.)

Checkers, an SA supermarket, is FOR teeth, and AGAINST removing them. They made this policy clear with the sign below:

I rarely, no, I never do this quick mention and link out. But this just too good to be true.

The gap left by the missing teeth is known as a passion gap… as a joke. Although I suppose it would make blow jobs simpler. I just don’t understand why a store like Checkers, who think that yellow and pink and black is good decor, care what their workers do with some pliers after hours. And I also see no reason why cashiers need teeth. Are hair and nails also a requirement? What’s next – banning the veil, or stopping Christians from wearing their crosses?

And I’ve shopped at Checkers. Once. What I would really value from a check-out person is a smile. Toothless or otherwise. Perhaps they could just pay them a little bit more… Eish… or I may be being really naive here.

Whatever the right and wrong, once thing’s clear. The sign is still hilarious.

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