News24 Column: What Americans Know about SA

“Contrary to popular belief, Americans do not think we have lions roaming our streets in South Africa.”
Read it here

The first one is up. I’ll be doing this once a month, to keep my name out there, and as part of their new “Beyond Borders” series. Seems half the people responding think I don’t like America or Americans (which is rubbish, I love it, and I am meeting many awesome people) and others think I like America or Americans too much. Of course, this means the column was a success.

Writing columns is the art of complaining in a way that gets people to complain about you complaining. That’s how I see it, anyhow. And being funny and entertaining is way, way more important than being fair to everyone involved.

Update on November 13th 2010:
The column resulted in this response from a News24 reader, who seems to have suffered some sense of humour loss, and a few serious lapses in logical thought. Read What South Africans Don’t Know about South Africa. I agree with her about some stuff, but why attack me – I agree with her about whining expats who diss my country. And if you’re going to diss racists, don’t be one yourself while you do it. That’s just lame.

3 Responses to “News24 Column: What Americans Know about SA”

  1. robert ferreiro Says:

    this is the first time I have read anything from your pen…i like and look forward to reading more of your time in the USA…my son lives in california and they are enjoying it…different…now do not let the JERKS you meet get you down…they have the problem not you…I am in Tanzania very different to SA so enjoy the USA…
    look forward to reading more..

  2. Jean Says:

    hi Robert, Thanks for your message. I am really loving California – more and more as I settle in. Americans may not know much about SA, but they are friendly as hell. And the course I’m studying is fantastic. Tanzania, huh. I was planning a long trip there with my Mom, who travels really well, before I decided to come here. It sounds really amazing – and yes, very different to SA. We’re practically neighbours, and yet worlds apart. Having said that, I felt more instantly “at home” in Mozambique, Swaziland and Madagascar than in the USA – welcoming though it was once I was through the immigration process.

  3. mbulelo Says:

    Hi Jean. This was the first time reading news 24 columns, and no offense girl but it does sound like u are complaining about nothing. How many times do people have to complain and research this boring american culture.Seriuosly there must be other new stories around the world, even better here in SA.Anyway good luck with your research!

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