I see dreaming people… II

Want to see the stupidest, funniest Halloween prank video EVER? Here it is. Thanks, Donte. That expanded my consciousness – downwards – and I really enjoyed it.

Halloween: It’s about to happen, but it’s already been upstaged by the stuff produced by my fellow students with their Dream Sequence videos. Which is something to say, considering how very seriously Americans take Halloween.

This skull, posted in the window of a mommy-wagon - opens and closes its mouth. Just after I took this photo a family of five plump, cornfed Americans rocked up, and stared at me as if I was crazy, before climbing into the car.

After seeing what my classmates dream about I’ve realised I’m really not NEARLY as weird as I always assume. Also take a look at the previous dream sequence post with my film in it, if you missed it and you want to see me naked. Sort of.

John Nordorft – The Errand
The guy has a taste for gore, and this movie made me want to go out and buy condoms.
Vimeo’s dumbass embed code doesn’t work here

Jason Baumgardner – Half Awake

I also really liked Angelica Robinson’s, which may not be posted as it contains nudity and I suspect she’s agreed not to make it public. But it was one of my favourites, easily.

Sarah Marples – Stop
No prizes for guessing why this pretty much moved me to tears. Sarah is a screenwriter like me, and we help each other out on shoots. Actually she’s acted in two of mine as well as helping shoot others.

Andre Kappel – The Dream
He’s a production student. This is more atmospheric than narrative, but very beautiful.

The promised post from the shoot that I helped out on isn’t ready yet, but I will blog that in part III then.

For now, I have things to do, and nowhere else to go tonight. I’ll be finishing some work, and then figuring out how to dress up as a giant broccoli for Halloween, which those of us who are committed to shooting over halloween are celebrating a week early, tomorrow… and then again twice on Friday. Cause “…every day should be Halloween”. Or is that “Mother’s Day”? I forget how the saying goes.

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