I have a dream… you don’t wanna know.

I’ve never been stupid enough to let anyone film me while I wasn’t wearing all my clothes. I recently broke this rule, inflicting one of my most enduring fears on myself, when I filmed my own nightmare – one I often have when I am convinced everyone is about to discover what a talentless fraud I really am.

Picture taken after I realised I'd accidentally locked everybody at the pool out of the change room. Nice...

I’ve never worked so hard in my life, or been this happy working too hard, before. Not sure how other film schools play the game, but at Chapman they believe everyone should know how to make a movie. So because we’re in groups of three-five people for the production class, everyone works on between three and four short films a week, excluding assignments to “Cycle” (that’s MFA second-year, for those who don’t speak 36343*) as we each have to produce our own exercise for each assignment. There’s the Intro Video, the Location of Character portrait, the Decision, the Dramatic Monologue, and now the Dream Sequence.

And it’s getting more and more competitive as we near the big chase sequence project that directing and cine students will shoot on film, and the 789 (the final project.) For the dream sequence, I know of several directing and cine students who have paid money for actors, or props, or both. This is a trend that, for them, is likely to continue until they get an actual job. Mind you a lot of men pay women to take their clothes off, and only directing students get to film them do it! And the stuff that’s being produced is getting really good. Here are a few of my favourites – so far. There are more on the way.

Ryan Broomberg – Purple

Shot using his own dog. Really cute, really funny, really professional. He’s a cinematographer.

Mike Fitzgerald – Night Swim
I will be crossing the street to avoid him. I’m sure he’ll be doing the same to me. I think he’s a director.

Daniel McDonald – Daydream
The beginning bit, shot in class, shows our production teacher Gil Bettman, who worked on Knight Rider and made the video for Chicago’s cheese classic, “Stay the Night” which the entire class has stuck in their heads after he made us watch it last week. Daniel’s emphasis is production – so unless he didn’t edit this himself, it’s unusually impressive.

And finally… Stranger (mine)
It was the easiest of nightmares to film because it didn’t involve flying, ladders between planets that break, or huge overweight babies wearing nappies and smoking cigars in glass houses. All I had to do was take off my clothes and run around… You can tell I’m not a director or a cine, but I’m okay with the result. I wrote the “script” – just a storyboard really – and directed and edited it. I also shot the bit in the bath.

I didn’t, of course, actually shoot it completely naked. But it’s pretty difficult running around without things popping out. Although the cameraman Ryan was kind enough not to mock me to my face, I can hear him laughing over most of the footage we took. I would have been too, but I was too busy trying to avoid getting arrested for public indecency.

In Part II on dreams, I’ll include the films that aren’t edited yet, one of which I am an extra in. I play a girl crying on a bed. The director made me cover my face. The camera doesn’t love me. The camera doesn’t even like me. The camera has broken up with me. But anyhow, check out a previous short by Patrick Bosworth.
Chop. Chop.

Translates as “DODGE”. I can play this game too.

9 Responses to “I have a dream… you don’t wanna know.”

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  2. Jinty Says:

    Glad to finally have the bandwidth to kind of almost see these films. i only managed to see one other besides yours – the night swimming one, which made me wish my old deconnection problem would come back. Couldn’t watch to end, it was too David Lynch. Liked yours though

  3. jeanbarker Says:

    Ha ha. It was well done though. Watch the one with the dog – Purple – you’ll like that more.

  4. Simon Says:

    Heheh Jeanie, I think yours is excellent. I also really enjoyed the first one with the dog. Pretty awesome that you get to do this kind of stuff hey? How long is the degree?

  5. jeanbarker Says:

    @simon It’s two years, and I can stay in the US for a year of work experience after. Which I should do if I can get it.

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  8. Pug Says:

    Wow, Jean, that night swim is terrifying… and the doggie was clever: and yours too

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