Getting my characters from San Diego to Alabama, somewhere

They start here.


I've been to San Diego, but this isn't my photo. I found it on this site, which is a relic of the WWW's old days, I think. All wonky, all out of date, but once useful. Check it out for laughs.


The story I am turning into my script was originally set in South Africa, where I know what I’m doing. But I was challenged – nay, commanded – to set it in the USA. This is tricky, as I don’t know what is in the USA. Can you tell me? Here’s the route they’re taking, although they’ll be on the back roads. I’m even considering sending them through Mexico… is that a good idea? The main thing that must not happen is a roadblock that requires the Winnebago they’re traveling in to be stopped and searched.


If you've been to any of the places along this route, tell me about it. post a link in your comment to your blog about it... whatever you can offer me, I'd love. At some point, I'll do the trip myself. But right now, it's impossible.


Five days later, they’re somewhere around here.


Took this picture (actually only part of it) from a blog called


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6 Responses to “Getting my characters from San Diego to Alabama, somewhere”

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  2. Shannon Says:

    Hmmm…if they can’t have a roadblock, then don’t send them through Mexico, as when they try to reenter, there will most definitely be a border patrol roadblock, staffed by men straight out of Mississippi Burning, and the Winnebago would be searched. And maybe set aflame. Border Patrol is not trying to play with you.

    I’ve been through the whole stretch from Texas through Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. What do you want to know?

  3. Shannon Says:

    Actually, your current route is too close to the border. They would definitely get stopped in any border town.

  4. jeanbarker Says:

    Ah. Damn… ok. Will have to rethink that then and send them inland, perhaps. Thanks Shannon, I really appreciate your help here.

  5. Shannon Says:

    I think you’re fine through Arizona and maybe even New Mexico, but you swing into Texas too early, right by the border. You have them going through Juarez, which I think is actually on the Mexican side of the border; at any rate, it’s a huge hub for smuggling drugs and people so anywhere in that vicinity is going to get you checked out, especially in a vehicle that large. (They’ll think you’ve got 50 Mexicans packed in there.) Maybe have them stay in New Mexico a bit longer and swing into Texas somewhere before Midland?

  6. jeanbarker Says:

    Ah! You rock. Thanks Shannon.

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