A voyeur’s guide to New York

New York. Never been there. Always wanted to go. Can’t wait. I actually originally planned to go there and not to California to study film but I missed the application deadline for Tisch, and the New York Film Academy struck me as a bit of a moneymaking racket. So I applied to Miami, Boston and Chapman instead, and got my first choice of those three in the end. But I have a couple of friends in NY.

I have vaguely kept in touch with my old classmate, Bianca Amato, who’s now a top theatre (and occasionally film) actress. I plan to visit her when I get to the big city someday.

Then there’s Niel Bekker, who I used to work with and who is a great photographer, is studying Multimedia Journ there. He’s a brilliant and very funny writer and you can follow him on Twitter – I would highly recommend him. He facebooked these photos and said I could re-use them here.

Just looking at this made me shudder... and remember my own war on bed bugs.

Beautiful and creepy mural. Humans insected. Ghosts of cartoons that look like they might live on unwanted pizza crust.

Home of the brave, land of the free. I don't know the story behind this one.

Jesus Saves*... (*not electricity).

Click here to vicariously experience life as a college student in New York courtesy of Niel’s tweets.

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