PSA – Actors wanted for Chapman film project

The brief is to show someone making a life-changing decision. The film is called “Disengagement”, and will be 1 minute long.

STORY: Matt has planned amazing dinner/breakfast in bed, opened a bottle of nice wine and got his babe Daniella a little bit drunk… but he’s panicking.

And now, he can’t decide whether to go through with it or bail. One moment he hates the way she chews. The next, he can’t stop looking at her breasts. What will he do? And will it be on purpose? You get the picture.

Your job?
1. No actual sex or nudity BUT if you are willing to make out a bit, and preferably in bed, you’re hired. If not, a bit of touching and loving looking could work.
2. Would like to shoot tomorrow Wednesday, or 5-7.30 on Thursday, with Sunday Evening as an absolute last resort. Shudder @nightinlabdoinglastminuteedit.
3. Transport to the USA is not covered and you will not be paid… but you will get to keep the bottle of wine, or champagne, depending on the time we set it, and a DVD of the final product for your show-reels. Plus a lot of very talented people will see your performance. If you’re not an actor per se, then one talented person (me) will owe you a favor.

And I’d like to add that Ryan Broomberg, who is helping on this, is a great DP and shoots gorgeous stuff, and has said he’ll “make you look good”. Here’s what he did for his location portrait.

And a link to his youtube channel

Contact me if you can help out. Please send a picture if you feel comfortable doing so.

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