Wednesday night lights

The college football team where I’m from is only a 3rd tier team or something, but it seems we still have a pretty hot field, with big lights that make even the try-outs seem really glam. I think they were picking new squads on Wednesday. There were all these tall guys in weird cycling clothes with helmets running into pillows at high speeds.

This looks like it was made by a lone cheerleader squad... there was no evidence of cheerleader activity at the time, although I wasn't able to check the showers for Debbie action.

I got a good 360 degree view, as I was trying to gain access to the pool area, which it turned out was closed.

Holly the panther

The mascot, Holly the Panther.

The team’s first home game is on September 25th. I’ll be there… I have to go to at least one game. I mean we’re talking men in tight SILVER shorts. With padding all over their upper bodies. What’s not to like? Plus if you know me well, you know I’m a fan of Friday Night Lights. I just can’t help it.

A week later, I am still slightly aroused.

2 Responses to “Wednesday night lights”

  1. Slamdunk Says:

    Too funny. My young son and I went to our local team’s home opener and sat right in front of the cheerleaders. He found them annoying and loud.

    I wonder how long it will be before that description is revised?

  2. jeanbarker Says:

    Oh… wow yep. Well actually, I know a lot of guys who say they would rather the cute girls were a lot quieter and less squeaky – and less clean. I feel the same way about a lot of cute young men…

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