The last thing I expected to see at Atlanta Airport, USA

Yep, art, from Zimbabwe, Southern Africa.

The walkways between concourses are usually soulless. But T is different. I couldn't believe my eyes.

It is amazing how art brings out humanity, encourages people to talk about how they read what is signified. For instance, someone saw me standing looking, and pausing said, “Beautiful, yeah.” And just because of that, we shared a smiled.
Just afterwards, I saw a kid walking past this thing, and he said to his mother: “What is that?”
“A foot,” his mom said.
They walked past, and the kid turned to look back.
“No it’s not,” the kid said.
As it turns out, they’re both right. This work can be read both ways. As a foot, or as a portrait of a migrant family (which is what the artist says he intended).

The artists who created these works are all well-respected people from various parts of zim, and plaques give short biographies and other info about each person.

And this all reminded me of something my mom bought in Kalk Bay the other day. This time, we have no idea who the creator was. But whoever he or she is, he “finds” animals in wood. She has this elephant on the roof of her garage where she also has a swing. My mother is an unusual (and amazing) woman.

I think this is more brilliant than anything in the collection at Atlanta Airport. But I'm biased.

Anyhow, now you know: If you’re bored during a layover at an airport, or between flights at Atlanta, go to an art exhibition.


One Response to “The last thing I expected to see at Atlanta Airport, USA”

  1. dorothy black Says:

    so cool. oddly those bi rock statues just never appealed to me… though there’s one owl family one in kirstenbosch i quite enjoy.

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