The New Gravy Train at Cape Town’s Civic Centre

When you move, you find stuff. You also find out you’ve lost stuff, and I always lose my car registration papers. So there I was today, back at the grand old Civic Centre, which is not nearly as bad as people make out. Good curry, and pretty good service (a lot better since the employment policy became less sheltered and they stopped having to hire the white people who failed Matric.)

The new gravy train

Coca-Cola's brilliant below the line ad campaign - so simple. Just give people free signage and let them do your work for you. A takeaway stand at the Civic Centre in Cape Town, South Africa.

It’s the South African sense of humour that gets me through this thing. The two beer-boeped Afrikaans cops queuing together for moral support even though one of them needed to be there. The buddy queuer kept leaving these wet marks on the chairs we were swapping in as we moved up the line. And the black female mechanic in blue overalls on the the chair on my other side, who laughed at my dumbass “surrounded by blue people” joke. Running into my ex’s ex (who I saw there last time too), and my other ex’s ex (who is really my friend more than my ex’s ex). It’s all so odd…
hiv awareness in South Africa

I'm not saying nutrition isn't important. I'm just saying this sends the wrong message... drugs help people living with HIV more. Food gardens are just a good idea, although most people don't have space or time or decent soil in which to grow them - or the land security that might motivate someone.

Many things have changed for the better. One of them is the South African government’s stance on HIV. This kind of advertising (photo is from the Civic Centre in 2008) wasted money, and contributed to an official culture that orphaned millions.

I got my license, R65 and an hour or so later. It wasn’t that bad.

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