Blast from the Past: Ramadhan / Ramadaan

Quite a few of my (former work) friends (now just friends since I quit work to study film I hope), are doing the Ramadhan / Ramadaan fast. Cos they really believe in it. Last year I realised how scared people who aren’t Moslem are to ask what it’s all about, and how much it differs from culture to culture. So back then, being the editor of a website, I got ask three women to answer anonymously emailed questions about their Ramadhan fast in South Africa, first hand.

Today on facebook, Ulpha and Aneequah were already freaking out about it – not about being deprived of food, but of a more important aspect – the work involved in preparing for the daily generosity that culminates in Eid. All the cookies they have to bake for neighbors for instance. Oh, and the clothes they need for Eid, of course. They are women, after all.

Eid is a big deal, and last year one when I went to join a family on the Sea Point promenade to watch for the new moon, one of their fathers was not there, but instead spending the night cooking food for the poor somewhere.

Reminded me of a sign I saw on a fridge at a very crazy new year’s party I went to with some very lapsed Moslem-raised friends from another circle entirely.

I think at least two of the people I hung out with at that party have since joined AA - for good reason.

That was a great New Year’s party though.


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