One day… one day… one day

The roads, in Swaziland, are really good. So are the people – they’re neither good, nor bad. Like people anywhere in the world. But internet connections generally suck, unless you’re in one of the icafes, or have home ADSL. A competitor called One Day (to get connected) recently tried to shake up the market. They must have thought they were in, because around a month ago, they bought shitloads of advertising in Mbabane and en route to and from the airport. They also commissioned trucks and got ready to go… and that must have been costly. But at the last minute: court case.

One Day billboard, Swaziland, Southern Africa

One day... the dream.

Sadly, their signs have come to mean “One day” as in “some day” as in maybe.

I really wanted my friend to see this video – WHAT AM I WHAT AM I – she has a three-year-old son.

I tried to preload it and her mtn so-called 3g timed out. I tried to access websites like twitter and wished they didn’t redirect me from (they should really give the swazi and other countries with their predicament a break there!) – it was like tweeting in a nightmare mudbath. Impossible. Half an hour to see my own status.

According to the Swazi Times, and also a few random locals I encountered in the mall there, the Swazi King owns MTN there. Cause he owns MTN, he’s actually suing them. Delaying them until they die. Someone I chatted to at the airport says he’s waiting for them to run out of money, so he can buy the business cheap. True? False? Who knows. You can’t trust what you hear at airports.

Swaziland is such a small issue to most of the world that we may find out, maybe, one day, or we may… or not. Such cool people there, though. I would love to have them here with us in Africa Online.

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