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“Zappit in the Zibi Can”: The Bird is Back

June 10, 2010
new zibican

How times have changed. Go South Africa, 2010!

Do you remember the adverts – with the freaky bird that went “Zappit in the Zibi Can!” I am so terrified of that freeky bird that I still walk across the road to pick up other people’s burning cigarettes and bin them. Seems the CT Council decided to save a bit of cash by exploiting our buried fears. But they’ve modernised the brand. Let’s hope people manage to comprehend the difference between the bins when trashed and partying and speaking some foreign language, like Uraguayian, or whatever they speak there. I doubt they will, but at least we’re trying right? And if they don’t, the bird is sure to haunt their dreams.

zibi can 2010

In the 1980s it was "can" not "bin", and "rubbish" not "recycling."

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South African Police Head Office? What will the tourists think!

June 8, 2010
SAPS head office? No, it's not.

This is not what it seems

I suspect the South African police bought this tent shelter thing for a beach braai, or maybe for one of those trade fair things… and then they thought “Hey! We’re having a Soccer World Cup this winter, let’s use it for shelter when policing the spectators!”

Unfortunately they’re going to be giving the wrong impression. So just to let foreign visitors know, this is NOT, in fact, the South African police services head office. Nobody knows where that is… and we’re hoping we’ll never have to find out.

Nevermind the spelling. Provinicial – what ARE that?

As my colleague Shaheema says: “They better put a desk and a chair under there, to make it look more professional. ”

No, it's not... Nothing to see here. Move along.

BP Posts “You are Responsible for Spills” sign at South African gas station

June 7, 2010

Posted on the facebook group, a picture taken in Durban, South Africa. Classic!You can’t make this shit up. If you enjoyed this, follow @BPglobalPR on for some first class satire.

Repost: You were asleep…

June 7, 2010

I used to blog here but had to move on, for various reasons I won’t whine about.  But as I posted a lot of cool photos between 2007 and now, I have decided to repost some of my favourites here.

Condemned buildings fascinate me. Like these family homes in Gardens, Cape Town, which were knocked down by FairCape and replaced by one of those expensive yuppie cages – my apologies if you bought one – with the usual five year guarantee. Now who buys a HOUSE with a five year guarantee? I’d like mine to last a little longer. Like these did. Weird to see the innards exposed. Like a massive doll’s house. And this is in this blog becuase of the graffitti: You Were Asleep… Brilliant. (Origionally blogged on Mon 31 Dec 2007, 12:00)

Cape Town finally figured out what to do with that flyover we started building…

June 4, 2010

The butt of hack standup comedy jokes for years, our famous unfinished flyover finally has a purpose: displaying the number of days left till the 2010 Fifa World Cup kicks off, and playing host to a massive vuvuzela, which, it is rumoured, will sound off every time a goal is scored. I’m glad I live in Sea Point instead.

In the background, Cape Town's famous unfinished fly-over. A classic case of bad town planning.

Sea Point kept it chilled, but on Football Friday mornings a weird assortment of peoples parade with banners and flags and SA supporter and FIFA gear along the promenade. I love watching them and waving and drinking my coffee. The vuvuzelas play til late in the night night, and start again around 7am. No sleep for the wicked. Or even for relatively good girls like me.

Early morning celebrators make football friday happen on the promenade.

I’m starting to get excited. So why doesn’t the rest of Cape Town Central just stop whining and join me in enjoying this experience. As a colleague said, with a heavy irony: It’s like the invasion of Poland – a once in a lifetime experience.

Doorway decorations, and deterrents

June 4, 2010

There’s a Mezuzah on the door of the flat I rent. I guess it’s from a previous tenant. Though I didn’t put it there, and though I’m not religious, and though I’m not jewish, I’d never, EVER remove it. It makes me feel safe. What’s that about? I wonder. Mezuzahs contain little scrolls and by pointing towards the house, are meant to deflect evil – like a lightning rod for bad luck.

shalom y'all

Shalom: Meaning welcome in peace, or just hello, is a widely used greeting from Israel to Madagascar.

The origional meaning is more like “complete and full”, which makes sense. I took the above picture picture in another apartment block in Sea Point. I love the translation. I loved the feeling of warmth I felt when I saw it.

I think this might not only deter religious zealots.

This was sent to me by a friend and colleague, Essie. Gives “brass knobs on” a whole new meaning. Make me want to wash my hands just looking at it.