This time last week…

A week ago, Bafana hadn’t played their final game of the World Cup, and I don’t think we were expecting the fantastic game we got. My life is about to change completely – so completely that i still don’t know exactly what bed I’ll be sleeping in in a month. Even from week to week, my plans change. Last week doesn’t seem like a 7 days ago; it feels like years ago.

She's called Lili Radloff, not Lili Kakloff, cause she's RAD. Snapped at the final Bafana game at Buena Vista Social Cafe.

Still I’m not whining. I’m just panicking. And to have spent my last few weeks in SA enjoying this amazing world cup is such a gift. It’s like Grahamstown Festival, but with happier people and better weather. The streets smell of caramelising Boerewors and woodsmoke, every second person is drunk, hung over or sick from drinking other people’s saliva out of Vuvuzelas, and although the soccer teams keep losing their clothes (they claim robbery, but really, guys…) I think it’s been a safe and exciting world cup.

welcome World Cup

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