Why I love the Vuvuzela

I remember saying – a few weeks back – that I wished we’d chosen a more musical cultural weapon than the Vuvuzela. But now I really don’t think football could ever be the same without it. When the games begin and the vuvus break out, it’s magic. And then there’s the other thing: FIFA branded everything, made their buck out of everything. But they missed the vuvuzela. How did they miss it? They’re like all the record companies that only started trying to sign Die Antwoord after they’d already been offered a three album deal with a top US label.

A friend said he bets they’re busy redrafting their agreements to state that the a portion of the proceeds from the sale of all musical instruments that enter the stadium must go to them. But until they get it signed and sealed… BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARP!

I love being part of the loudest sporting nation on the planet.

And this LOLcat made me laugh. I think it might be French. Beating them yesterday was awesome, even if they were broken already. Apparently they’ve been sent home on a plane in disgrace – economy class.


jean barker

I was crazy happy when this photo was taken. Can you tell? At the Italy Vs Paraguay game in Cape Town on June 14.

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