The Big Safe Cafe

The Big Safe Cafe used to be a porn shop. Then it became, very briefly, a coffeeshop aimed at busy horny execs in Cape Town’s polite little red light district. It was called Caffeine… but nobody went there, probably because they didn’t want to be seen parked outside Adult World. Now it’s the Big Safe Cafe. Another example of why Coca-Cola whipped Pepsi’s arse. Below the line, which sometimes includes online, usually wins the battle these days. And coke goes everywhere. Caffeine, on the other hand…

Big safe cafe cape town

When they say Cafe, they mean corner store. They sell fake cigarettes, soft drinks, popcorn, milk, newspapers, and other essentials. Not coffee, though.

I love these names. I have issues with Coca-Cola, but they warm my heart. The way they leave the apostrophes in, and let people who might be forced to leave soon have signage a week after they open.

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