Eish! And more mzansi World Cup gems


FYI for foreigners: "Eish" is South African for "shit", "blind" or "$%*@&%"... but it really means something different to all of them. I guess it's funny. When you say "Eish", you smile. You say it when you drop something, or something is a shared problem. As in "eish... that boy" about a guy who's always screwing up. Or "eish..." when you realise you left your ticket at home.

After the match, I walked a mile with the happiest people on the planet. Seriously, if you’re not here, you don’t know what you’re missing. The stalls that line the Cape Town fan mile are painted in bright colours like beach huts, and african-themed, selling local foods to soak up the beer and fuel the fever.It was amazing.

jean barker

Ok, not my best look. But it's hard to take photos of yourself in the dark while moving at the speed of a an amped-up crowd.

At some point I got tired, and jumped in a taxi. A comedian, I think Loyiso Gola, says “When it’s full of black people, it’s called a taxi. When it’s full of white people, it’s called a shuttle.” Which is hilarious and so true. I once paid a fee for a “shuttle” in Mozambique. It was full of white people, and cost R250. The local taxis went just as fast, were just as dangerous, and cost R50 for the same journey.

interior of a taxi at world cup South Africa

Decorated with love... this guy went crazy with little plastic jewels glued to the roof, miniature flag broaches... interior decorating for people on the move.

Turns out when some white people ride them, they’re still taxis. And this ride from the stadium home was one of the best of my life.


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