“Zappit in the Zibi Can”: The Bird is Back

new zibican

How times have changed. Go South Africa, 2010!

Do you remember the adverts – with the freaky bird that went “Zappit in the Zibi Can!” I am so terrified of that freeky bird that I still walk across the road to pick up other people’s burning cigarettes and bin them. Seems the CT Council decided to save a bit of cash by exploiting our buried fears. But they’ve modernised the brand. Let’s hope people manage to comprehend the difference between the bins when trashed and partying and speaking some foreign language, like Uraguayian, or whatever they speak there. I doubt they will, but at least we’re trying right? And if they don’t, the bird is sure to haunt their dreams.

zibi can 2010

In the 1980s it was "can" not "bin", and "rubbish" not "recycling."

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2 Responses to ““Zappit in the Zibi Can”: The Bird is Back”

  1. Erich Says:


    Where can I get a nice and clear Zappit in the Zibi image? I tootk one with my Cell camera off a bin but it wuold be nice to have an A4 sized “original” I can use around the office.

  2. Alfred Says:

    where can i aquire these bins . We are currently in the process of starting a recycling program

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