South African Police Head Office? What will the tourists think!

SAPS head office? No, it's not.

This is not what it seems

I suspect the South African police bought this tent shelter thing for a beach braai, or maybe for one of those trade fair things… and then they thought “Hey! We’re having a Soccer World Cup this winter, let’s use it for shelter when policing the spectators!”

Unfortunately they’re going to be giving the wrong impression. So just to let foreign visitors know, this is NOT, in fact, the South African police services head office. Nobody knows where that is… and we’re hoping we’ll never have to find out.

Nevermind the spelling. Provinicial – what ARE that?

As my colleague Shaheema says: “They better put a desk and a chair under there, to make it look more professional. ”

No, it's not... Nothing to see here. Move along.

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