Repost: You were asleep…

I used to blog here but had to move on, for various reasons I won’t whine about.  But as I posted a lot of cool photos between 2007 and now, I have decided to repost some of my favourites here.

Condemned buildings fascinate me. Like these family homes in Gardens, Cape Town, which were knocked down by FairCape and replaced by one of those expensive yuppie cages – my apologies if you bought one – with the usual five year guarantee. Now who buys a HOUSE with a five year guarantee? I’d like mine to last a little longer. Like these did. Weird to see the innards exposed. Like a massive doll’s house. And this is in this blog becuase of the graffitti: You Were Asleep… Brilliant. (Origionally blogged on Mon 31 Dec 2007, 12:00)


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