Doorway decorations, and deterrents

There’s a Mezuzah on the door of the flat I rent. I guess it’s from a previous tenant. Though I didn’t put it there, and though I’m not religious, and though I’m not jewish, I’d never, EVER remove it. It makes me feel safe. What’s that about? I wonder. Mezuzahs contain little scrolls and by pointing towards the house, are meant to deflect evil – like a lightning rod for bad luck.

shalom y'all

Shalom: Meaning welcome in peace, or just hello, is a widely used greeting from Israel to Madagascar.

The origional meaning is more like “complete and full”, which makes sense. I took the above picture picture in another apartment block in Sea Point. I love the translation. I loved the feeling of warmth I felt when I saw it.

I think this might not only deter religious zealots.

This was sent to me by a friend and colleague, Essie. Gives “brass knobs on” a whole new meaning. Make me want to wash my hands just looking at it.


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