Gonso advertising

Mahala.co.za – that means free, .co.za, is one of my favourite websites of all time. Fantastic content, especially this one writer called Brandon Edmunds, who I knew at varsity and who writes so well he makes me sick. In real life he’s an unreliable friend and annoyingly clever, and probably has to pay for sex most of the time.  My mother would say he was “just shy”, but I’m pretty sure that kind of nonsense is why I kept making excuses for arseholes until I decided to just stop dating altogether, buy a teddy bear and keep it cool and casual when it came to men.

On a related topic, here’s a sign that Mahala posted on their website.

An advertisement for like... pretty much any service, posted on a lamp post in Joburg or Durban, South Africa - they didnt' say which.

And while I’m here, a quick note to anyone considering hiring a draftsman in SA. Don’t go near Mark from AMK Drafting. He’s a crook – persuaded me to pay early in exchange for a discount, then vanished with my money. Seems he’s not, as he claimed he was, registered with the architects guild thing here. His first drawings were also kak. I could have done them myself. Wish I weren’t so stupid sometimes!


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