The worst break-up letters EVER

Well yes, like there’s such a thing as a “GOOD” break-up letter. I’ve recieved, so far, a rambling rant on Valentine’s Day about how if he dated anyone it would be me (he later hooked up and got serious with one of my best friends) and I’ve written a few. Yesterday to break up with one of my best friends. Actually, that’s not entirely true: to say either treat me better, or piss off. Since he hasn’t apologised or replied, except to taunt me publically, I’d say that after 12 years I’m calling it over.

"Hi Steve

Do I have your attention now?
I know all about her you dirty, sneaky, immoral, unfaithful poorly-endowed slimeball.  Everything’s caught on tape
Your soon-to-be-ex wife
PS: I paid or this billboard from OUR joint bank account.

See Huffington post’s gallery of worst / most absurd breakup letters. God knows where they find this shit…

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